Required documents: Valid Australian RE Driving Licence (Minimum 5 years OPEN RE licence for any open licenced motorcycles)
Contract: To be read, understood, and signed on pick up
Rental price: Paid by Credit Card ONLY
Deposit: Paid by Credit Card ONLY
Term lease: Indicate in notes Order (We must confirm the date)
Discounts: Individually for repeated rentals or for film and advertising purposes.


Pre-booking is made on the basis of an order made by the tenant, when the exact date of the subject of the lease is determined. The reservation is valid on the basis of the payment made in full by the lessee and a written confirmation of the reservation by the landlord with details of the subject and time of the lease. In justified cases where the required type or color of the vehicle cannot be delivered to the lessee, the lessor reserves the right to provide the user with a comparable motorcycle.


At least 2 valid identity documents are required. Valid document (ID or passport) and motorcycle license of the relevant group valid in the Australia. In the case of self-employed persons or legal entities, it is necessary to submit a valid extract from the Commercial Register at the first lease and, if applicable, to a person other than the executive, the original power of attorney to conclude the contract and take over the motorcycle.


Minimum rental period is 7 hours (unless otherwise stated in the offer). The time of motorcycle delivery is included in the rental period. If the rental period is exceeded by more than 30 minutes without the prior written consent of the lessee, the rent for the next day will be charged according to the valid price list.

MINIMUM DRIVER AGE: All riders must be 25 years or older on the day of commencement of the rental as described in the rental agreement.


The deposit is a financial guarantee of the lessee provided by the lessor in cash, by a bill of exchange or by bank transfer and serves to secure the lessee’s obligation arising from the lease of a motorcycle. The tenant pays this amount in cash, by bank transfer (private individuals can also guarantee a bill of exchange upon prior agreement) before commencement of the lease. The amount of the deposit is governed by the valid price list and is stated for each motorcycle. The deposit or any part thereof may be used by the Lessor for costs incurred by the Lessee for breach of contract (eg additional payment of the price in case of delayed return) or for compensation of damages caused by the Lessee (participation in an accident amounting The Lessor will return the deposit to the Lessee by bank transfer to the Lessee’s bank account.


Statutory liability insurance, accident insurance, unlimited kms and service costs – motorcycle maintenance. Fuel and primary liquids are always paid in full by the customer.


Your booing will be confirmed once payment in full has been received into the lessors account.

RIDERS PER MOTORCYCLE: By default, a motorcycle is rented to one driver. If necessary, another rider can be included in the contract free of charge.


The lessee is obliged to comply with all applicable regulations, especially the road traffic rules, and to act in such a way as to avoid damage to property or health. The Lessee undertakes to pay fines for offenses demonstrably committed at the time of hiring the motorcycle, within fifteen days from the delivery of the notice by the Lessor.

Possible damages:

The Lessee is obliged to pay all costs related to the settlement of damages incurred on the motorcycle or in connection with its operation during the lease period if it fails to comply with the agreed General Terms and Conditions. The Lessee is obliged to pay a deductible of 10% min. in the case of a motorcycle accident caused by his/her fault, in case of not identifying the perpetrator of the accident or in case of any damage to the motorcycle and its accessories or in cases where it is not possible to claim damages.


Surrender of the motorcycle is free of charge at the company’s headquarters in Mudgeeraba. Upon previous agreement with the landlord, the motorcycle can be handed over in another location according to the tenant’s wishes. In this case, this fact is stated in the contract and a fee per km is charged depending on the motorcycle type, a flat fee of AUD 500 per person and costs related to the travel of the landlord to the company headquarters. In the event of a failure, defect or damage to the motorcycle when taking over the place where the motorcycle was rented, the lessee agrees with the assessment of the defect, damage, etc., the responsible employee of the lessor and undertakes to pay this amount. In case the tenant refuses to pay damages, the lessor will block the security deposit (or bill of exchange) until the settlement is completed by the insurance company. The Lessee acknowledges and without objection agrees that in case of non-payment of rent, in case of non-return of the motorcycle within the agreed term, or in case of breach of contractual terms, the Lessor is entitled to immediately take the rented motorcycle or use the agency authorized for these activities to find and remove the motorcycle. The Lessee further acknowledges that if the motorcycle is not returned, the whole matter will be transferred to the law enforcement authorities. In such cases, the contractual penalty amounts to AUD 5,000 + daily rent rate for each day of delay.


Rental price does not include fuel costs. The subject of lease is handed over to the lessee with a full tank and with the full tank the subject of lease is returned to the lessee. If the subject of the lease does not have a full fuel tank at the time of handover to the landlord, this will be fully replenished at the lessee’s expense.


The object of rental must be returned completely clean and is considered clean when the exterior of the motorcycle does not show signs of dirt or damage. In this case, the lessor has the right to charge a fee for washing the motorcycle in the amount of $95 AUD.


In case of a defect or accident not caused by the Lessee, this service is provided at the Lessor’s expense.


The Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor a contractual penalty in the amount of AUD 10,000 for each case if the rented motorcycle was ridden by a rider other than an authorized rider specified in the contract, or left the perimeters of the state, as specified in the contract without the Lessor’s prior written consent.


Rental prices include statutory insurance, motor hull insurance within Australia with limited liability for damages caused by self-fault.


If cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the date of rental, a cancellation fee of 25% of the subject of the rental will be charged. If canceled less than 12 hours from the rental date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the rental price will be charged and 100% of the rental price will be charged if the booking is canceled less than 3 hours from the rental date.


The landlord reserves the right to refuse to hand over the subject of lease to the lessee for serious reasons but without giving any reason. In this case, the rental fee will be refunded after deduction of the cancellation fee and all costs associated with the preparation of the rental, reservation and delivery of the motorcycle to the Lessee’s bank account.


Where the term lessee is used in the contract, general terms and conditions or any other document relating to the subject of the lease, the relevant provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to persons to whom the lessee has provided the vehicle with the lessor’s written consent, in full the tenant. By signing the lease agreement, the lessee undertakes to comply with the provisions of the general terms and conditions of the lease and undertakes to pay all damages and claims of the lessor resulting from their non-compliance (regardless of whether the violation was intentionally or negligently). Additional agreements of motorcycle rental conditions always require the written consent of the lessor. The lessee agrees to store his personal data in the tenant’s database. If the Lessee is in default of payment of any obligation under the Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement and these General Conditions, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor a contractual penalty of 0.2% of the amount due for each day of delay. In some cases, the selected conditions can be individually adjusted after agreement with the client. Any invalidity of part of the General Terms and Conditions of Rental shall not result in the invalidity of the terms and conditions in its entirety.

All prices listed here do not include GST.